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  • CelebExperts Taps NFL as Hot Bed for Its Top 5 Celebrity Ad Campaigns of August


    The research team at CelebExperts, a leading consulting firm for securing celebrity talent, has compiled a list of the Top 5 Celebrity Ad Campaigns that came to fruition during the month of August. A successful celebrity ad campaign for any company often hinges on the timeliness and relevance of the celebrity spokesperson they have chosen […]

  • Are Reality TV Stars Andi And Josh In It Just For The Money?


    To no one’s surprise, The Bachelorette “lovebirds” Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray have signed with a marketing and endorsement firm in Atlanta, Melt ATL to handle their endorsement “portfolio opportunities.” Presumably because the reality TV stars will be spending a lot of time in Hot ‘Lanta until they can afford their Hollywood McMansion! Melt Atl’s website says, “MELT […]

  • Celebrity Chefs are the Hottest Commodity in America!


    When I was 11 years old working for my parents at their Home + Garden Shows in NY, NJ and CT, I never would have thought #Celebrity Chefs would blow up to be some of the most iconic stars on TV and as celebrity spokespeople. In fact, my first experience was going with my father […]

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Celebrity Acquisition and Consulting from CelebExperts

An insiders' look into acquiring a Celebrity as your Spokesperson

The staff at CelebExperts have consulted with some of the largest companies in the World in the art of Celebrity Talent Acquisition. The size of the company, number of PR agencies it retains or the size of their budget doesn't guarantee success, it's more important to have experience or knowledge of how to find the perfect fit for your program and/or campaign. You say, "How is that possible"? It is not only possible, it is a reality.

Large and small companies alike and their agencies all over the world have the same needs and wants when it comes to Celebrity endorsements for their products, services or companies. They also share a similarity in their lack of Celebrity representation and marketing experience. "How is this tied to my company securing a spokesperson," you ask? Great question, and one easily answered. The agents and consultants at CelebExperts have a highly successful track record in representing Celebrity talent. This invaluable experience representing Celebrities and the best in category companies and brands gives us a multi-dimensional view on the Celebrity's psyche and mentality. Being the actual day to day management, marketing, PR and promotions for Celebrities gives the CelebExperts consultants an internal look at the type of people you are dealing with, their competitive nature and their desire to always "work". Celebrities want to be famous. Celebrities want to be associated with great projects, brands and products.

When emerging brands and companies the Inc. 500 sized businesses, start thinking about securing a Celebrity spokesperson for a campaign, there is often concern over budgets and fear of what we call "Are we ready and big enough for a Celebrity Spokesperson" syndrome? We can assure you that everything is scaled to size and affordability when we take on a client to consult for a Celebrity campaign at CelebExperts.

Hiring or booking a Celebrity is not a science but it is an art form. What does that mean? It means that when CelebExperts' team of experienced Celebrity Talent buyers acquires a new consulting assignment, it has to be vetted for reality not science. So if an emerging company wants to hire Brad Pitt to endorse its Human Resources start-up, that is unlikely. But if a PR agency for a multi-national pharmaceutical company contacts us about doing research to find a Celebrity that has an association with Type 2 diabetes and that is insulin dependent, we know exactly what to do.

In summary, CelebExperts leads the industry of Celebrity talent buying and acquisition through the collective experiences of its consultants and the intellectual assumptions it has the feel of the Celebrity landscape to know and understand. Less than 10% of CelebExperts' clients secure their first choice and most often because they decide they want someone else. Our flexibility and easy going manner, makes CelebExperts the perfect Celebrity Talent buying acquisition agency for any company, brand or project.

A few of the companies the team has consulted with:

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