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I Turned 50 Today! Here Is Why I Still Think I Kick Ass!

Youth vs. Sales Experience For all of you other half Centurians, we need to stick together. These up and comers with no real sales experience think we are ready to be knocked off the wall. I say to hell with that, we have what the next generation doesn't... yet. Experience! That's right I said the [...]

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Coming Back From The Verge Bankruptcy

In 2013, I found myself on the verge of bankruptcy. I split with a company I was doing business with and it created a huge financial hardship. 50% of my company’s revenue was derived from this relationship. My fixed costs and overhead were predicated on the revenue I was generating through this company. I was [...]

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Celebrity Hosted Charity Events Are Still The Lifeline For Those In Need!

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of being in attendance at the stunning Beverly Wilshire for the 45th Anniversary celebration of the Sheba Medical Center! The medical center is what I would call the last bastion of cooperation of Palestinians and Jews in the Middle East. The Medical Center doesn't turn away anyone in [...]

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Direct Response Marketing Has Evolved!

In 1995, when I started my first agency the concept of direct response marketing was really pigeon-holed to infomercials. Short or long form, infomercials from either the As Seen On TV companies such as the granddaddy of them all, Ron Popeil's Ronco to smaller firms with their one great product. Back in the day, companies like Ronco [...]

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Has Oprah Changed Celebrity Endorsements Forever?

Amongst one of the most influential and powerful celebrities worldwide, Oprah Winfrey just stepped up and changed celebrity endorsement deals in a way very few have times 70,000,000! Most brands and their agencies when vetting a potential alignment with a celebrity, go about many traditional means including polling, analytics, social media evaluation and many other [...]

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Social Media Stars Are Making Millions On Brand's Insecurities!

What every brand covets is an educated consumer with a predisposition to buy their products and/or services. Unfortunately, very few brands and their agencies have a solid plan that works for customer acquisition via social media. Sure, sure, every social media agency will tell you about the one client they "blew up" their client's Facebook [...]

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Our Top 5 Small Cities For Corporate Events

It is easy to focus on corporate entertainment events in the nation's largest cities such as New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas or Denver, but what if you are looking for a small city that will have all of the amenities, hotel space, intangibles and airport to support your corporate event? How do [...]

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Periscope: The Newest Social Media Platform To Explode!

If you have not heard of Periscope, you better hurry up an ask your teenager about it before you miss the boat! A combination between Vine, YouTube, Facebook and your therapist's couch, Periscope provides more of a 360 degree engagement with the person or people who are in the video. Periscope allows for it's members [...]

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CEO vs. Top Salesperson: Learn How You Can Juggle These Better!

Being a serial Entrepreneur is both a blessing and a curse in so many ways.  You are creative, passionate, solving a problem for someone.  BUT, you also are your sales team, your corporate cheerleader, your publicist, your brand steward. How the hell do you handle them all and effectively take your egg and hatch it [...]

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Jen Selter, The Evolution of a Social Media Star!

In a little more than 9 months, I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Jen Selter, social media star, fitness advocate and expert in creating audiences via platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. In those 9 months I have seen an evolution unlike any I have ever witnessed as a [...]

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