Add a Hot Celebrity to Your Summer Campaign!

The Summer is usually so slow for most talent acquisition agencies. Just not this Summer. Between the Olympics, social media stars gone wild and every beauty and health brand dying for a new face, this [...]

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What Muhammad Ali could have taught Donald Trump about Humility!

Let's start off by telling the truth. Muhammad Ali was neither a savior or a saint. His flaws as most people, were obvious but maybe just more public by being the most famous man on [...]

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The New Age Of Inventors!

As I prepare to attend the Inpex Inventors Show in Pittsburgh, PA next week I was thinking about how inventors have changed over a very short period of time. Historically you would think of Thomas [...]

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What Is Wrong with the Business of Golf? Don’t Blame Tiger Woods for This One!

Don't believe me that golf is in the tank? Want proof to chew on while you are practicing your back swing! Early this month sporting goods giant Adidas Group said it planned to divest its [...]

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5 Tips On How to Utilize LinkedIn to Make Big Money

I spend 5 hours a day on Linkedin! OK, I said it and I am not afraid of what others think. LinkedIn has become the best co-worker I have ever employed. LinkedIn is never late, [...]

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CEO Powercast Episode 5 Uncovers the Truth to Hiring the Right People and Interviews a Made in America Icon

Top business podcast reveals tips for hiring dedicated employees and NuStep Sales & Marketing VP Steve Sarns talks transforming a family business into big business. CEO Powercast co-hosts Charlie Fusco and Evan Morgenstein cut loose [...]

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