What Works Best: Hiring A Social Media Star or Micro-Influencers?

Social Media Star vs. Micro-Influencers:  The best way to start this conversation about social media stars vs. micro-influencers is with an acknowledgement that yes, size does matter. Both big and small. At CelebExperts, we consult so many emerging start-up companies and brands that are constantly asking us how to gain traction, branding and sales for [...]

How Much Does A Celebrity Speaker Really Cost?

CelebExperts Breaks Down the Cost of A Celebrity Speaker This is the #1 question that I get everyday from prospective clients that reach out to my company CelebExperts from all over the world. "How much" is the rallying cry of the uninformed. And I have built a business on answering just that question. When it [...]

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How To Hire A Celebrity Spokesperson and Determine The Costs

Cost & Benefits of Hiring a Celebrity Spokesperson CelebExperts was founded almost 8 years ago essentially to answer two simple questions. How to hire a celebrity spokesperson and determine the costs of each. Now the business has exploded to include celebrity PR campaigns, speaking engagements, licensing, personal appearances and the creation of celebrity signature lines of [...]

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Should You Consider Hiring One Of The Rio Olympic Stars?

Other than several athletes who did not do themselves any favors, should your company consider utilizing one of the Olympic athletes from Rio for your next event or campaign? Well the answer is yes with some conditions. If you were to book Simone Biles today, her fee would be absolutely at the highest peak you [...]

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The Trend In Social Media Stars is Changing

How To Utilize Social Media Stars in the New Digital Age We get 3-5 new account leads every day. Usually from emerging companies contacting us to help execute a social media influencer campaign with social media stars. They are looking for someone with a large follower base in a certain demographic. Their goal is to influence [...]

The Art Of The Olympic Deal! Which Athlete Should You Hire For Your Next Campaign?

I have worked with Olympic athletes since 1997. That is 19 years of some of the best memories of my life. Yes, I have worked or met with all types of sports icons including Richard Petty, Chris Evert, Venus Williams, Cal Ripken, Bruce Smith, Tom Seaver, Walt Frazier, Magic Johnson, Jack Nicklaus and many others. [...]

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The CMAs Are Coming!

Country music remains the hottest genre second to none in terms of popularity, music downloads and concert tickets sold. Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, Jason Aldean, Garth Brooks, Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town, Carrie Underwood; the list goes on and on. Many of these country music stars are crossing over in ways [...]

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Do A-Listers Really Make The Best Celebrity Brand Ambassadors?

What is an A-list movie star worth to your business? Not as much as a  celebrity spokesperson from the cast of Pretty Little Liars! But you say A-list movie stars are the holy grail of the celebrity world! Well, maybe during award season but definitely not for agencies looking to help their clients influence potential [...]

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The CelebExperts Guide to Celebrity Branding

Celebrity branding, when executed correctly, can be a game changer for any business. That is what drives us here at CelebExperts every day – the chance to create something monumental with your business.   Working with a celebrity may sound risky, but that’s why you’re reading this, isn’t it? You’re a risk taker, and celebrity [...]

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Celebrities Add Dimension to Small Business Marketing Strategies

Every day my inbox is filled with questions from small businesses, start-ups, crowdfunded through Inc. 500 companies wondering, pondering the what if's of celebrity marketing as their secret sauce to better ROI. Every industry is full of great products engineered by amazing entrepreneurs searching for the holy grail of small business marketing strategies. In many [...]

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