Celebrity Endorsements Are Never Forever!

Whether it was The Yankee Clipper Joe Dimaggio for Mr. Coffee, Sally Fields for Boniva or Jennifer Hudson for Weight Watchers, all celebrity endorsements are made to end, eventually. Weight Watchers signed Jennifer Hudson, whose career began on American Idol and quickly became a Grammy winning superstar with fans from coast to coast, after giving [...]

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What is An Olympic Gold Medal Worth?

I am constantly asked by media, companies and friends… Who are the real winners and losers of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games?  And ultimately everyone wants to know: what is an Olympic medal, Gold, Silver or Bronze worth in marketing dollars? Robert Tuchman of Goviva recently told ABC News that Olympic 'rookies' such as slopestyle [...]

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Tis the season to get Celebrity Endorsement deals done!

It’s never too late in the ever changing world of budgets to secure a celebrity spokesperson for an upcoming campaign.  What has changed since the Economy tanked in 2007/2008 is that many companies now will not plan over the summer, negotiate over the fall and buy celebrity Talent in November and December!  Now, PR agencies [...]

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Should Price be the Defining Factor in Hiring a Celebrity?

Shopping for value when hiring a celebrity is always a good idea, just not the only idea! Let me introduce you to my day…  Every day: Prospective client/PR Agency: Well Evan, we really like your focus and experience at CelebExperts.  My only concern is, can we afford the celebrity you help us secure? Me: Good [...]

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What to look for in a Celebrity Spokesperson!

99 percent of the potential clients that contact CelebExperts (www.celebexperts.com) ask first about costs and secondarily about how they find the celebrity that fits their campaign, what types of benefit can they get from this relationship or even the most basic 411 on utilizing someone who is famous to influence your customer! PRICE doesn’t equal [...]

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Bella Thorne and Wallflower Jeans

Disney Channel star Bella Thorne has been signed on as a new celebrity spokesperson for Wallflower Jeans’ marketing campaign beginning in the fall of 2013. Thorne's young and vibrant style coupled with her independent and unconquerable spirit makes her the perfect role model and spokesperson for Wallflower Jeans. The fiery redhead, who earlier this spring [...]

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How to Find the Right Celebrity Endorsement

Everywhere you go, there are celebrities associated with products!  Emeril has a cookware line.  Duff Goldman has baking products.  Justin Timberlake is with Budweiser.    Katy Perry is with Pop Chips.  Alicia Keys is with Blackberry.  Rachael Ray for Zip lock?  Martha Stewart for her next book?  And on and on and on! Point is that [...]

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The Emergence of the Celebrity Dad!

Is hiring a Celebrity Dad vs. a Celebrity Mom a good decision?  For Fifty years marketers trying to encourage women to buy their products and identify with their brands have hired Celebrity moms to be their spokespeople, influencing the influencer in the home, the mom.  But with the changing demographics of buyers, the number of [...]

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