Tool Box & Suite of Services

Business Overview – Past, Current and Future: 

  1. Marketing, Sales, Sponsorship and Talent/Brand Ambassadors 
    1. Review of past marketing spend vs. effectiveness and ROI on spend
    2. Review of past and current marketing contracts
      1. Understanding of Talent assets – needs vs. wants vs. priority
      2. Ability to leverage Talent within marketing strategy to drive sales and brand awareness
      3. Execution of contracts
  2. Review of sale model and distribution partners
    1. Sales trends over the past 12 months
    2. Strength of distribution partners
    3. Education strategy for partners
    4. Online vs. Brick-and-Mortar
    5. Inbound vs. Outbound
  3. Internal review of process and structure
    1. Interviews with key stakeholders to understand deficiencies including bottlenecks and structural problems
    2. Provide solutions
  4. Review of external process with distribution partners and retail vendors
    1. Effective communication and education strategy
    2. Increase sales and brand visibility
    3. Explore integration possibilities
  5. Review current social media strategy(s).
    1. Outside vendor vs. In-house capabilities
    2. What is the SEO and PPC strategy?
    3. In the past 12 months, what sales have been developed by either?
    4. Which social media platform create the best opportunity to sell? To brand?
    5. What are the company’s social media numbers by platform?
  6. Review of Talent Ambassador campaigns and executions:
    1. Who was the celebrity?
    2. Selection process?
    3. Review of Talent contract
    4. Were assets leveraged? Was contract fulfilled?
    5. Cost vs. ROI analysis
  7. Competitor Analysis
    1. Are they using Talent?
    2. How are they activating?
    3. Event or Sponsorship execution?
    4. Social media plan?
  1. Small Business Marketing Strategy
    1. With short- and long- term goals in mind, build an executable marketing strategy for company to implement based on complete review of marketing budget, key markets, consumer target, etc.
    2. Strategy can be executed internally if company has necessary resources, or company can upgrade to CE Small Biz Integration who has the staffing necessary to execute and drive success.

For the services above the fee would be as follows:

Fee: TBD / Call for Quote

Term: Minimum 6 months

Expenses: TBD and mutually agreed upon

Office/Site visit: A CE Small Biz executive will make one (1) site visit inclusive of this deal.  If additional visits are required this will incur a fee.  All expenses will be covered by the company including airfare, hotel, food and car service.