Tis The Season To Buy A Celebrity!

Ho Ho Ho, Oh No! Yep, its that time again! You or your client or you outside agency is scouring the earth for the perfect fit, the most authentic, the model of consistency, the highest likeability score to your core demographic, yep a celebrity or social media influencer to represent your brand and/or company. Are [...]

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Add a Hot Celebrity to Your Summer Campaign!

The Summer is usually so slow for most talent acquisition agencies. Just not this Summer. Between the Olympics, social media stars gone wild and every beauty and health brand dying for a new face, this Summer has been insane...  And I love it. In the last 30 days we have done almost $1 million USD [...]

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The Footwear and Apparel Wars Just Opened Up on a New Front!

If you had to pick one company that was resurrecting their brand from the sea of mediocrity to being a player in the game, who would that be? The footwear and active apparel industry is as hotly contested as the beverage or auto industry. You have mega iconic brands such as Nike, Under Armour, Ford [...]

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What Were The Top 3 Trending Categories at CES 2016?

Now that I have enjoyed some time away from the smoke filled casinos, long taxi lines and never ending bad blue blazers of CES 2016, I felt I needed to reflect on what was trending at the show. I am always amazed at how the Consumer Electronics Show continues to grow not just in size [...]

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Direct Response Marketing Has Evolved!

In 1995, when I started my first agency the concept of direct response marketing was really pigeon-holed to infomercials. Short or long form, infomercials from either the As Seen On TV companies such as the granddaddy of them all, Ron Popeil's Ronco to smaller firms with their one great product. Back in the day, companies like Ronco [...]

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Has Oprah Changed Celebrity Endorsements Forever?

Amongst one of the most influential and powerful celebrities worldwide, Oprah Winfrey just stepped up and changed celebrity endorsement deals in a way very few have times 70,000,000! Most brands and their agencies when vetting a potential alignment with a celebrity, go about many traditional means including polling, analytics, social media evaluation and many other [...]

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CelebExperts' Top 5 Categories Most Frequently Hiring Celebrity Spokespeople In 2015!

This isn't a scientific analysis, just what is on my office white board. The type of celebrities being requested continues to be all over the place because each company has it's own corporate culture and brand identification. Although the world of hiring celebrity spokespeople tends over time to be one of copy-catting, there are still unique factors [...]

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Why Is Hiring A Celebrity Such A Pain In The Ass? 5 Tips You Can't Live Without!

Booking celebrities has been part of my business for over 20 years. Big names and small. We have booked Hilary Swank, Pele, Martha Stewart, Mario Lopez, Bethenny Frankel, Jen Selter, Venus Williams, Danny Glover, Arnold Palmer and Sir Richard Branson to name a few. As Donald Trump said, there is an "art of the deal". [...]

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When Is Your Celebrity Spokesperson Overexposed?

Such an interesting question. If you are a brand manager looking for an ambassador to lead your charge against the competition, gain market-share and profits, you in many cases will affix your fortunes to a celebrity. This celebrity must have a large fan base usually articulated via their social media numbers. When you review a [...]

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What We Learned About Celebrity Marketing at CES 2015

The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show was a small glimpse into the strategies of celebrity marketing for companies in 2015. Hard to believe another Consumer Electronics Show has come and gone. So much hype; So much flash! The lessons of this year's show are as diverse and complex as the global economy itself. Where do we start? [...]

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