The Emergence of the Celebrity Dad!

Is hiring a Celebrity Dad vs. a Celebrity Mom a good decision?  For Fifty years marketers trying to encourage women to buy their products and identify with their brands have hired Celebrity moms to be their spokespeople, influencing the influencer in the home, the mom.  But with the changing demographics of buyers, the number of [...]

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Katy Perry And PopChips to the Rescue!

Katy Perry teams up with PopChips to promote healthy snacking and help fight animal cruelty

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Superstars Team Up To Quench Your Thirst!

A-List celebrities Mark Wahlberg and P Diddy team up for new product endorsement

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Tiger Woods World's Top Paid Athlete, Again!

When Forbes creates many of their lists there is a collective yawn.  But when they come out with their list of Highest Paid Athletes in the World, everyone sits up and takes a look!  It’s amazing how athletes' performance outside of their chosen sports has become such a hot topic and big business.  These giants [...]

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Clear Eyes Signs Vanessa Williams

Prestige Brands, Inc. can see clearly now the rain has gone… or that Vanessa Williams, superstar

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