CelebExperts' Top 5 Categories Most Frequently Hiring Celebrity Spokespeople In 2015!

This isn't a scientific analysis, just what is on my office white board. The type of celebrities being requested continues to be all over the place because each company has it's own corporate culture and brand identification. Although the world of hiring celebrity spokespeople tends over time to be one of copy-catting, there are still unique factors [...]

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Why Is Hiring A Celebrity Such A Pain In The Ass? 5 Tips You Can't Live Without!

Booking celebrities has been part of my business for over 20 years. Big names and small. We have booked Hilary Swank, Pele, Martha Stewart, Mario Lopez, Bethenny Frankel, Jen Selter, Venus Williams, Danny Glover, Arnold Palmer and Sir Richard Branson to name a few. As Donald Trump said, there is an "art of the deal". [...]

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ESPN Never Sits On It's Ass! Changing Face of Sports Programming!

Change for the sake of change, is never a good thing. ESPN, the industry leader in creating, covering and analyzing sports and sports programming is making some moves. I find it refreshing when an industry giant is proactive not reactive. It would be so easy for ESPN to just sit on its corporate ass and [...]

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Are Brands Killing Social Media?

I think to be great in anything you need to stay ahead of the competition, know what is trending before it becomes common-place and be creative in your thought process. In my position as an industry advocate and analyst I hear and see a lot of things, most of it is just pontification by middle-aged [...]

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