Mary Murphy and Tisanoreica Diet

Mary Murphy is a trained choreographer and celebrity judge on the hit show, So You Think You Can Dance.

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Long Live the Queen (of Diamonds)!

America’s sweetheart and universal sex icon Marilyn Monroe has just signed on to be Sexy Hair’s new celebrity spokesperson for their upcoming campaign debuting in the fall of 2013. Marilyn Monroe has been resurrected from the grave and is bringing sexy back- way back. The “Styles Change. Sexy is Forever” campaign will feature traditional print, [...]

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How to Find the Right Celebrity Endorsement

Everywhere you go, there are celebrities associated with products!  Emeril has a cookware line.  Duff Goldman has baking products.  Justin Timberlake is with Budweiser.    Katy Perry is with Pop Chips.  Alicia Keys is with Blackberry.  Rachael Ray for Zip lock?  Martha Stewart for her next book?  And on and on and on! Point is that [...]

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