Can Our Next President Be A Reality TV Star?

I know, many of you are sick of hearing about Donald Trump. While some of you can't get enough. What a paradox in American pop culture and politics. Now clearly Mr. Trump is not the 1st celebrity to be elected to office (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse Ventura, John Glenn, and the most famous of them all, [...]

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Social Media Stars Are Making Millions On Brand's Insecurities!

What every brand covets is an educated consumer with a predisposition to buy their products and/or services. Unfortunately, very few brands and their agencies have a solid plan that works for customer acquisition via social media. Sure, sure, every social media agency will tell you about the one client they "blew up" their client's Facebook [...]

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The Biggest Mirage In Marketing To Women? Sexy Social Media "Stars"!

I must say, I have been an evangelist for many social media stars in the last 3 years. Usually in the health and fitness category. These women aggregate huge audiences and they do it unbelievably fast! The growth rate of a sexy social media star who knows how to build a "community" will surely outpace [...]

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Jared Fogle and Subway: What Could Have Been Done Differently?

The emerging story has been simmering for years about the true nature of who Jared Fogle is, how long ago had others known about his alleged interest in under-aged children and pornography? Subway, one of the fastest growing QSR franchise chains in the world has presented to consumers the image of Jared Fogle, an overweight customer who [...]

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