CelebExperts Sees Massive Increase In Celebrity Driven Marketing Campaigns In June

Drake rocks the mic in creative new TV and digital advertisements for Sprite resulting in one of the hottest marketing campaigns of the summer! https://www.youtube.com/embed/w27oZ9C6TL8 The exciting arrival of sunny, summer days gave way to a slew of creative new marketing campaigns featuring celebrity spokespeople in June. CelebExperts a respected corporate consulting and celebrity acquisition [...]

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When Is Your Celebrity Spokesperson Overexposed?

Such an interesting question. If you are a brand manager looking for an ambassador to lead your charge against the competition, gain market-share and profits, you in many cases will affix your fortunes to a celebrity. This celebrity must have a large fan base usually articulated via their social media numbers. When you review a [...]

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Our Top 5 Small Cities For Corporate Events

It is easy to focus on corporate entertainment events in the nation's largest cities such as New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas or Denver, but what if you are looking for a small city that will have all of the amenities, hotel space, intangibles and airport to support your corporate event? How do [...]

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Are You Ready for A SkinnyGirl Invasion Into Your Home? Bethenny Frankel Thinks So!

Bethenny Frankel. When you hear her name, what do you think of? What is your impression of her? How do you view her portrayal on TV, in the media, on social media? If it is negative, candidly she probably doesn’t care. And rightfully so. Bethenny is building an empire and if you want to come [...]

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Periscope: The Newest Social Media Platform To Explode!

If you have not heard of Periscope, you better hurry up an ask your teenager about it before you miss the boat! A combination between Vine, YouTube, Facebook and your therapist's couch, Periscope provides more of a 360 degree engagement with the person or people who are in the video. Periscope allows for it's members [...]

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Nationwide Is On Peyton Manning’s Side!

NFL's top athlete spokesperson Peyton Manning signs on as spokesperson for Nationwide.

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