The Truth About Celebrity Marketing Power

CelebExperts explains why Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson is More Marketable in the World of Celebrity Acquisition Than Brad Pitt! Your first reaction is, Evan you are crazy! I tell you I can prove it. While Brad Pitt does hold the title of former People Magazine Most Beautiful Person In The World and has many hit movies, Willie [...]

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Do You Have the Hardware to Win?

Just in case you don't know, the picture above is of my hip replacement... that went horribly wrong. March 10, 2010, I went to Brigham and Women's Hospital for what was described as a routine hip replacement. They had done thousands before. "No problem" seemed to be the quote of the day. Well, needless to [...]

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CelebExperts Launches CE Small Biz!

The new division will focus directly on small businesses who want to hire a celebrity spokesperson. It was announced today that CelebExperts, a leading corporate consulting and celebrity acquisition agency, is focusing its efforts to assist small and emerging businesses looking to generate consumer awareness and sales through a celebrity endorsement. CE Small Biz will [...]

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Shark Tank Has Forever Changed the Plight of Small Businesses

The popular ABC entrepreneurial business TV series has provided an opportunity for small businesses to gain a leg up on their competition. It is undeniable that every small business owner, entrepreneur and Mr. Wonderful wanna-be tune in every week to new episodes of Shark Tank on ABC or re-runs on CNBC to see how the next group of future [...]

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Why Jen Selter Has Changed Marketing Forever!

Most traditional marketers, aka dinosaurs will have no idea who Jen Selter is or why she is one of the most relevant icons in marketing today. Yes, lets get through the obvious. She is smart, has a great back story and clearly is gorgeous. But that superficial nonsense only gets you so far. Here are [...]

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