Pitbull's New Fragrance Product Launch

There’ll be more than champagne and resolutions in the air this New Year’s Eve as world-renowned music artist Pitbull will debut his new fragrance line at his NYE concert in Miami on December 31st. The fragrances, simply dubbed Pitbull Man and Pitbull Woman, are the music icon’s first attempt in the smell-good industry and feature [...]

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Should Price be the Defining Factor in Hiring a Celebrity?

Shopping for value when hiring a celebrity is always a good idea, just not the only idea! Let me introduce you to my day…  Every day: Prospective client/PR Agency: Well Evan, we really like your focus and experience at CelebExperts.  My only concern is, can we afford the celebrity you help us secure? Me: Good [...]

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America’s Obsession with Celebrity: Where does it go from here?

There isn’t a supermarket in America that isn’t filled at the checkout aisle with magazine after magazine with “celebrities”!  Some of it good.   Some of it bad.  And some of it just off the hook insane!  Now what constitutes a celebrity is up for interpretation! It used to be A-list Movie stars: Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, [...]

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Chef Tom Colicchio and Bing Host Luncheon

Top Chef TV star, Tom Colicchio and Bing Host Lunch at Craft NYC, Explore Food + Drink app

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