What We Learned About Celebrity Marketing at CES 2015

The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show was a small glimpse into the strategies of celebrity marketing for companies in 2015. Hard to believe another Consumer Electronics Show has come and gone. So much hype; So much flash! The lessons of this year's show are as diverse and complex as the global economy itself. Where do we start? [...]

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What Type Of Celebrity Makes The Best Keynote Speaker?

As a corporate consultant and talent manager for 20+ years, I have booked millions of dollars in motivational, inspirational keynote speakers. For inquiring businesses, the question always comes back to, "who is the best speaker fit for my event"? This is a tough question. The following is a list of questions you must ask yourself [...]

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Florida Georgia Line And Mt. Dew, The Perfect Celebrity Partnership!

The Iconic soda brand signs up as sponsor for Florida Georgia Line’s 2015 “Anything Goes Tour”!

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Celebrities Here, Celebrities Everywhere!

Companies are rushing to hire a celebrity brand ambassador as celebrity marketing influence reaches an all-time high in 2015. I don’t think 50+ years ago when Babe Ruth or Ronald Reagan were pitch men for various products and services that anyone understood just how important celebrities would eventually become in all facets of public influence [...]

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Celebrity Spokespeople Rule Trade Show Marketing at CES 2015!

Celebrity Spokespeople have been linked to overwhelming success in trade show marketing. Having worked with companies associated with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for almost 10 years now, it is no surprise how important a celebrity is and always will be in the world of selling consumers on the “cool” factor of new technology. In [...]

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2015 Will Be The Year Of Celebrity Marketing Campaigns

Is 2015 the year of celebrity marketing campaigns on social media? Good question. The world of executing traditional celebrity endorsement deals is dead! Companies and brands are becoming unwilling to hire a famous celebrity spokesperson just for the sake of having a name associated with company branding. Companies want engagement, and they want it fast. Social media [...]

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